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Regular sex

Regular sex - a pledge of youth, health and strong marriage

As evidenced by the data of the opinion poll, which was conducted in the United States, 70% of married couples, regardless of age, refuse to fulfill their marital duty, motivating them with fatigue. Everyday household problems, work and parenting are harassed to such an extent that neither time nor energy is left for love. Similar interesting facts can be found by going to the women's magazine Omolu online.

The findings of another study confirm that the decrease in sexual activity of spouses is due to several reasons:

Age features, reduced physical activity and desire power;

Chronic fatigue, when you want to quickly get to the pillow, and no longer to the amorous pleasures of love;

The loss of spiritual intimacy, the blunting of the feeling of love: sex in this situation is simply unthinkable;

Watching TV or working at a computer has a negative effect on a person’s hormonal background and maintaining attraction.

The most dangerous complication of irregular sexual activity is a high probability of disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system. When having sex from time to time, the heart may not withstand overload. American scientists have identified the possible risks in such situations: time during intercourse and an hour or two after it - the most dangerous when the probability of a heart attack is almost tripled!

Much more optimistic is the situation in people with a regular schedule of sex life. Constant loads of the cardiovascular system during regular sex train the heart muscle, which is maintained, and the risk of heart attack is reduced to a minimum.

What to do to those people who do not have a regular sexual partner? Good regular sex will replace in this case an active sport. At least 30 minutes five days a week will provide a sufficient load on the heart. Moreover, both in sports and in sex, the most important thing is regularity.

British scientists have discovered a direct relationship between regular sex and youthful appearance. It turns out that people who have sex regularly, for a long time retain not only health, but also a young appearance.

Dr. Cecilia Tregir, who devoted her entire life to researching substances that slow down aging, as well as the effects of regular sex in youth, in adulthood and in old age, says that sexually active people make people much younger than their peers.

Cecilia Tracker has worked with hundreds of married couples for 25 years. Her conclusion is unequivocal: regular sex makes a person healthier, happier, younger and more subtle.

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