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Technique intercourse

Technique intercourse

"Hooray! I'm inside! ”Wait, wait. Isn't it too early? ... As my beloved teacher used to say: “Haste is needed when catching fleas.” So, no need to hurry. There is such a technique of sexual intercourse: excite it gradually, slowly and use the rhythm (for example, 9 to 1).

Twenty minutes - no less is it necessary for a woman to come to a state of readiness (compared to men, this is of course very long). Slow movements help a man control ejaculation, and a woman is even more excited.
The rhythm of movements of the penis varies depending on the frequency of the change of deep and shallow thrusts. The most common rhythm - 9 shallow, 1 deep. You can use 6 shallow per 1 deep penetration, you can 3 to 1.
I'll tell you why it is necessary - choose a rhythm. First, the control over ejaculation: counting frictions (movement up and down with the pelvis), you will be distracted from the excitement. Sexual intercourse will last longer. Secondly, the change of shallow and deep shocks excites a woman more than the usual frictions, can you give her a surprise! Technique sexual intercourse in order and there.
Deep penetrations push air out of the vagina, creating a vacuum effect. In order not to disturb him, you need to move the member gently with the return movements, so as not to remove the member completely.
Choose a rhythm that you and your partner will like best.
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